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Lupo Mutaret – R – Gen. Language and violence.
A witch, a curse and a hunt gone wrong threaten to change the Winchesters forever.

100 Themes – linked to masterpost. Stories vary in themes, pairings and warnings.
100 prompts means 100 hurt!Sam fics. Enjoy!

Gone Are The Days - linked to masterpost. spn-j2 Big Bang 2013 entry. PG-13. J2. Language and mentions of past abuse.
Jensen didn't know what he was expecting when the Ackles announced that he was going to be getting a new foster brother, but it certainly wasn't Jared - the ex-best friend whose heart he broke two and a half years ago. It soon becomes apparent that Jared has changed more than Jensen could ever have predicted, but the seventeen-year-old is determined to win his friend back.

Instinct - linked to masterpost. Wincest Big Bang 2013 entry. NC-17. Sam/Dean. Non-brother AU, strong language, brief descriptions of torture, explicit m/m sex, demons, violence and copious amounts of angst.
When Dean Winchester finds a dog chained up and caged on a routine demon hunt, he and Bobby see no other option than to take him along for the ride. The last thing that either of them expect is the realisation that the dog is more than just a dog, a discovery which rocks Dean’s world to its very axis. Everything his father has ever told him says that anything that’s not human needs to be killed, but confronted by a shapeshifter named Sam who has managed to work his way straight into Dean’s heart, his instincts say otherwise.


Junkie ‘VerseR – Sam/Dean, past Sam/Jess and Dean/Carmen. Language, drug use and addiction.
The Winchester brothers deal with past mistakes, lost loved ones and addiction. Non-Hunter AU.

Nostalgia ‘VerseR – Cuddly Gen. Language and violence. Descriptions of torture.
A year after Sam jumps into the pit, he wakes up in Stull Cemetery... in his eighteen-year-old body.


5 Reasons Sam Left for StanfordPG-13 – Gen. Violence and some gore.
Five reasons that Sam Winchester left for Stanford, and one reason he regretted it.


How can I be lost (if I’ve got nowhere to go)? – PG-13. Gen.
paraphrased prompt: Hypothermia and lots of cuddles.

Winter experiencePG-13. Gen.
paraphrased prompt: A bully hits Sam in the head with a snowball which is really more of an iceball.

To soothe the pain of wasted years – PG-13. Gen. Curtain!fic. Warnings for mental instability.
paraphrased prompt: Missy Bender goes looking for revenge.

Hero – PG-13. Gen. Discussions of rape and murder.
When Jess finds herself in a spot of bother, a crutch-bound stranger comes to her rescue.

Hope – PG-13. Gen. Curtain!fic. Warnings for mental instability.
After Sam gets out of hell, Sam finds hope in a little shelter puppy.

Oasis - PG-13. Gen. Curtain!fic.
Dean's been hinting that he wants to settle down for a while now. It takes a while for Sam to understand.


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Oct. 23rd, 2013 03:38 am (UTC)
Great story! I have to stop because I really need to get to bed, but it's really hard to stop!!! Maybe another chapter, nah, I have to put the computer down and back away.... Thanks for sharing, it's awesome!
Oct. 23rd, 2013 06:09 pm (UTC)
Haha, glad you're enjoying it!
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